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Priscilla Lee

5 Things To Note When Looking For A Trusted Hair Stylist

By priscillalee | January 6, 2017 | 0 Comment

Having a trusted hair stylist that you frequent can be a very therapeutic feeling. And like having a best friend, you might not know what you’re missing until you have one. What do I mean? Well…

1) He / She makes you happy every time you visit the hair salon

Why do people like to pay for such services? Because it makes you feel good, of course! I have been to certain chain hair salons, which I won’t name, walk out of it feeling that my hair looks crappy. Worst, when a hair salon strong arm you to buy some package which you regret after.


My latest trip to Maison Salon (Bugis)

2) You walk out of the salon feeling more confident and radiant

It helps that almost every single time I visit my hair dresser Hui fen (more about her later…) I receive many compliments! Whether wearing a short bob or colourful hair, she knows how to design my hair style that will bring out the best look in me. That of course comes with skill.

3) Your hairstylist doubles as your therapist and friend

As a psychologist, I see many troubled clients on a daily basis. I’m not one who enjoy a lot of small talk. But when you find the right hair stylist, they will know your mood – whether you are in a chatty mood, or perhaps give you some space to relax while they tend to your tress. They are there to make you feel good about the whole experience.

4) Your hairstylist is like your family doctor, they know your hair best

Having someone who is familiar with the texture of your hair, your preference, your routine really helps. We usually have a discussion right at the start of the session, what style or colour that I am feeling up for that day. However, my hairstylist know I am not one to style my hair every morning, and she would not recommend me hairstyles that require too much upkeep. When I describe a shade of colour, or a hairstyle I am inspired by, she understands me and delivers exactly what I like. No surprises.

5) You trust your hair stylist

Trust is something that takes years to build. I know by the 3rd year or so with Huifen, I told her “just do whatever you want with my hair today”. I have ever been to a hair salon once (Huifen was not available that day) to dye my hair, and the colour came out many times lighter than what I had hoped for. I had a job interview the next day, and had to rush to the pharmacy to buy self-dye kit to salvage the situation. I was so pissed off and angry.

Look, there are many things in the world to be angry and upset about, please find a trust hair stylist.

If you are still looking around for one, I would strongly recommend you try Hui Fen from Maison Salon at Bugis a try (she’s that awesome).

Do pop by her salon at Bugis – it is located right beside the Downtown Line control station at Bugis MRT

Quote Priscilla Lee for 15% discount off regular price 😀

Maison Hair –

Telephone: 6733 1623

Address: 191 Rochor Road #B2-02 Bugis DTL Mrt Station, Singapore 188476




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