Priscilla Lee

Priscilla Lee

10 Million Dollars or Your Intelligence

By priscillalee | January 5, 2017 | 0 Comment

I came across this image on social media and found it really interesting. As a psychologist I’ve always been interested in understanding the human condition, what makes people depressed, what makes us happy etc.

Using the theme from The Matrix movie


Red pill double your intelligence, Blue pill gives you $10 million. Which would you choose?

Most people think that with high intelligence, money follows. But unfortunately, that’s not how the world works, not if you are hoping for millions of dollars at least. In fact, quite a few highly intelligent people I know are what society would deem as underachievers.

Also, high IQ would sometimes be accompanied with overactive mind to think about many negative things. You know the phrase “don’t think too much”, people with high IQ have a higher propensity to “over think” and for the matter, I’m not sure how do you think but not think “too much” XD

Assuming that picking $10 million, my intelligence is not altered…. I would pick the blue pill.



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