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Priscilla Lee

Brain Training Exercises You Can Do At Home With Your Children

By priscillalee | August 25, 2016 | 0 Comment

Childhood is the best time to develop and mold the brain! Here are a few simple exercises to help you children!
Brain Training for Teenagers aged 12 and above

Ages 12 and above
Brain training exercises for teenagers and adults would focus on polishing skills that are useful for academic studies and preparing them for work life in future. Latest research in brain plasticity show that our brains is liken to a big muscle that can be trained to perform better as specific tasks. Therefore, many of these exercises can be useful for adults too.

High Level Memory Game
Puzzle games such as Suduko, Ken Ken, Chess, and even jigsaw puzzles challenges our brain to recognize and memorize patterns and numbers. These types of brain exercise also serve as relaxing hobby outside of school and work.

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Priscilla conducting Parenting Seminar at Smart Kids Asia 2016

Emotional Regulation
Some might think that our emotions are controlled by the heart, when actually it is the brain that controls our emotional functions. During our teenage years, there are many hormonal changes in the brain that sometimes causes a lack of emotional control. There are many techniques involved in emotional regulation, such as ensuring the teenager has a good support system which includes friends and family, or perhaps taking up a sport as an outlet of release.

Critical thinking / Brainstorming
Engaging in activities that promotes critical thinking skills develops the older children into independent creative thinkers. This is particularly important as they progress into tertiary education and the work force. The ability to think out of the box, come up with unique and ground breaking ideas is what might set them apart from their peers. Consider signing for activities such as technological classes, speech and drama, or even engaging in intellectually stimulating dialogues with your child about events happening around the world would help challenge and develop their thinking abilities.


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