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Priscilla Lee

Parenting Struggles for Nonnuclear Families

By priscillalee | July 25, 2016 | 0 Comment

Parenting is a difficult task, and it is more so challenging handling parenting issues when you are a single parent. The logistic issues of your child going to school and after school activities, finding a day care center that will fit your schedule, doctor appointments and school functions can be quite overwhelming even with help from another caregiver. Here are some suggestions to help deal with parenting

The first step to being a healthy and happy parent is when your own needs are taken care of. Sure, there might be some things that we need to prioritize and compromise, but being stressed out because of your child will not be healthy for both your physical and mental wellness in the long run. Try to ensure that you have at least one day off for yourself, to do things that you enjoy and relax, so that you are able to be positive and happy parenting your child for the rest of the week.

Flexi-work Arrangement
Many multinational companies are able to adjust work schedule, either a part-time or work from home arrangement. Do speak to your managers about the possibility of having a more flexi work schedule. If the nature of your work does not allow for your to work on flexi-schedule, it is still good to notify your managers of the struggles you currently face so they are better able to arrange your work schedule.


Be Financially Smart and Start Saving
In today’s society, every parent hopes that their child will be able to finish a university degree. However, if you are the sole financial provider of your child, that task might be even more challenging. Start planning for your finances early by speaking to a financial consultant about the available education saving plans, insurance and trusts. There is no guarantee to your income or our economy in the next ten to twenty years and having some form of saving will definitely come in handy for rainy days. Be prudent but do save within your means.

Build a Strong Relationship With Your Child
Many parents, and especially for single and step-parents, find it difficult to spend quality time with their children due to their busy work schedules. However, quality over quantity, time and effort spent with your child cannot be replaced by gifts. Although you might not be able to spend enough time with your child, make the moment you spend with your child count. It is important that the quality time you spend with your child is not disrupted, aside work and mobile devices so you can focus your attention on them. Try out new activities with your child such as starting a hobby together, playing sport together, reading books to your child, asking them to tell you about their day and doing any activity that requires good amount of communication and interaction to foster better relationship.


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