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Priscilla Lee

Wedding Videography Singapore – One Button Film Review

By priscillalee | December 20, 2015 | 0 Comment

When choosing for a wedding videographer in Singapore, most couples would automatically sign on their bridal studio package. For a couple on budget, we decided to get our wedding bridal shoot with Venus Bridal in JB Malaysia, so we had to select our own Actual Day videography services!

It was a long process and we short listed based on a few criteria

1) PRICE – We couldn’t afford some of the more famous wedding videography services in Singapore. Some couples with bigger budget manage to get Substance Films to do their wedding videography, they are GORGEOUS! But comes with a hefty price tag. Although they had the journalistic feature video look that we were going for, we heard prices start at $3000 per day.

2) ART – It’s a wedding video. We didn’t want our video to look like EVERYONE’s video. We wanted a more journalistic documentation of what happened on the actual day. It’s important as we were told that for the Bride and Groom, because of the sheer number of people and things you have to do on the big day, you probably won’t remember 80% of what happened. We wanted to have a video where all the happy moments are captured as-is, without too many shots of the shoes or clothes, but focusing on PEOPLE. We wanted to capture moments of laughters and tears.

That was when we came across One Button Film.

one button

Christel and Taylor were absolutely fantastic! They really listened to our requirements and met with our needs. The end product was exactly to our liking. They met up with us twice before the wedding to discuss the plans for the wedding day and to take notes on what we really want to focus on film for the actual day. Their editting skills were SUPERB as well 😀 Even though we paid half of what some of the “top” wedding videographers were charging, we didn’t feel that the quality was in anyway compromised. Absolutely value for money.

pris weiyu wedding

If you are still hesitating whether to engage a wedding videographer for your Actual Day wedding, I strongly recommend that you do so you have a record of what happened that day, all the behind the scenes moments. FOr us, the most important part was the exchange of wedding vows as we want to remind each other our promises to each other for the rest of our lives.

This is our wedding video 🙂


Wei Yu & Priscilla's Full Day Highlights from OneButtonFilm on Vimeo.


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